Psychology of Wine

I enjoy learning about places, the people and their passions, the climate, the geography and the food of the world. In psychological terms, this gives me a connection to the world- a common ground with others of hobby, passion, and community. Wine is the bridge.

In the book The Psychology of Wine by Mitchell and Mitchell (2009) they note ” new experiences will never be exhausted, every wine that surprises you releases you from the need to feel you must know everything. You become a collector of experiences. Typical human response is to scrutinize one’s own base of knowledge as the wine is tasted and is itself (the wine) being scrutinized”

May Such Surprises Never Cease!!!!


3 thoughts on “Psychology of Wine”

  1. Hi Karin, I have been enjoying your blog and would like to nominate you for the Liebster Award. Follow the link on my last blog post for details and keep up the great work! Love, Amy

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    • Amy, I also enjoy reading your blog. Your enthusiasm always shines through your writing and photos. Amy, this is so wonderful for you to include me in the nominations! Thank You.


    • Hi Amy, how do I actually nominate the other bloggers? I can’t see a link to a website or somewhere to actually submit their blog addresses in addition to listing them on my blog?


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