I recently tried this lovely red table wine from Italy- 2012 Amarone Monte Zovo. Here’s what the back of the bottle reads:

“With an intense, stylish personality and a sturdy harmonious body, Amarone della Valpolocella DOCG is an imposing wine with generous heart and a complex fragrance, emanating a wealth of nuances and sensations. From the finest grapes and hand-crafted by the Cottini family like a sartorial dress, its velvety smoothness makes it the perfect attire for important occasions.”


This is really one of the most delicious wines I’ve tasted in a long time but the writing is simply ridiculous and in my opinion, pompous.  The description sounds more like a guy I once fell in love with and less like a wine. Maybe the intent was to be poetic but seriously, the wine itself is poetry with its aroma of violet, dried plum and spice.  In the Boston area, I paid $29.00 US dollars and it’s worth every dollar.


Just lose the ridiculous fanfare and be real about the special aromas and flavors in this wine.


Love you all,