Here are the next two Glenmorangie Scotch from my taster pack. Glenmorangie is in the Highlands, which is the largest whisky producing region in Scotland. I find Glenomorangie to produce more full-bodies whiskies. There are 5 other regions producing Scotch, each with its own character. Most of my posts have been on wine, wine regions etc. and it’s well known that the flavor and aroma differ greatly depending on the region. Same goes for Scotch.  Some may be more peaty, others may be more smokey, yet others more full body vs light body. I find it interesting and there’s so much information to share: I’m keeping my post short these days, so, I encourage you to have fun exploring on your own and learn about the regions of Scotland. Maybe one day, when things settle down here at home, I will have time to write more frequent posts and include some details for you.

The Glenmorangie Original was like any other regular old Scotch, not impressive or complex in my opinion, but decent and good. This Scotch has a place color, a bit of an abrupt finish like many Scotches.  It’s aged in American white oak. Simple. Expected.

The Lasanta,  a deep apricot color, on the other hand, was very good, nice round long finish and a slight sweetness but still had that Scotch tingle we expect on the lips and at the back of the throat. I really enjoyed the Lasanta. It’s aged in sherry casks, giving it warmth, a little spice and nuttiness. This was an unexpected but close second to the Nectar D’Or reviewed in my previous post.