Recently I’ve had a couple of experiences that I feel the need to write about, I guess because they were each disappointing. I am a professional: to me that means I answer calls, emails, Facebook private messages, etc, You get the idea! I still answer them even if the answer isn’t what someone else wants to hear. Who decided that ignoring someone’s request for communication is ok?

One of these is a mentor, so I won’t publicly out that person here. I will say that I was asked to do some paid writing for this person and  I accepted, being absolutely excited about it. Then CRICKETS! no response to emails, no response to Facebook messages, NOTHING! NADA! NIL!  I just don’t get it.

But the other one, well F-it and here it goes!

I wrote two rather long and time-consuming articles about that involved two interviews with the two owners of Kazzit, each lasted about an hour and  then I spent double that time reviewing those tapes and then more time writing up the dialogues into articles. I did this for free and it was I who approached Kazzit for the interviews: I thought they would make for interesting blog posts. I also wrote articles for their blog as a guest writer on multiple occasions.


Back around March 2016, I emailed Babak ( one of the owners whom I had interviewed) and let him know I wouldn’t be doing anymore free articles. To my surprise, he asked me how much I would charge for an article and I promptly responded with my fee schedule and a caveat- that there is always flexibility.


CRICKETS! Yes, nothing, not even a polite rejection email.


Now, mind you, I didn’t ask him to write an article for a fee, I simply let him know I was now pursuing paid writing gigs.  Well, I realize we’re all very busy and we’re all human and imperfect. I emailed him again around May 2016 to check in.



If there’s no interest in paying me for writing ( which you brought up, not me)  then be a professional and just send an email, thanking me for my interest in your company, my work which I gave you for FREE and then wish me well! Seems like good business to me.

Why not?

Now you nay-sayers out there are likely cringing and saying No don’t burn bridges!  Well, I choose to build bridges only with organizations that are respectful,  but thats just me   🙂