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Wine: 2013 Colle Secco Terre Di Chieti, Cantinia Tollo

Pecorino is a light-skinned wine grape used in Italy’s eastern coastal regions, particularly in Marche and Abruzzo. A classic Pecorino-based wine is dry and minerally, straw-yellow in color and has an elegantly floral bouquet of acacia and jasmine, sometimes spiced with a faint hint of licorice. The name Pecorino means “little sheep” and is perhaps more widely associated with Pecorino cheese. The grape is called Pecorino  because it was a favorite treat for flocks of sheep driven to lower pastures. Pecorino cheese is also a good food match for Pecorino wine.

Food: Fresh, crisp carrots sliced lengthwise to eat as finger food and tossed in a vinaigrette dressing.


I use the following ingredients and add them by taste and by sight, I don’t measure them.  Combine extra virgin unfiltered olive oil, apple cider vinegar (champagne vinegar will work as well)  in a bowl and mix well with a fork. Then add fresh oregano chopped, fresh parsley chopped, salt and pepper, a little lemon zest if you like. You could use different fresh herbs that you prefer. I enjoy a lot of parsley, not only does it look fresh and appealing it’s healthy and adds a lot of flavor without overpowering other ingredients. You could also use a bottled vinaigrette of your preference.

Toss carrots in the vinaigrette. Pour a glass of this delicious wine and relax. Enjoy and savour.