Want to learn about a varietal or search for wineries for your next trip to the United Kingdom? How about searching for a winery in any state in the United States? Alaska? Australia? Ireland? This website grabbed my attention and I’m excited for it to grab you.

Hmmm, let your imagination transport you. Kazzit.com will help.

Kazzit.com will make your life easier. Just search by winery or a winemaker and just like magic, you are served with information about the winery, winemaker, their awards, their estate practices, and more: much, much more.  My search included finding a dog friendly winery in the United Kingdom that has a picnic area and makes sparkling wine.  It’s here, at your fingertips. Just say THANK YOU!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Babak Motamedi, cofounder of Kazzit.com, a fellow wine lover and self-described serial entrepreneur. He has worked in business development, international trade, real estate development. He has worked not only in United States but also in Thailand and South Korea. Peter Kasperski is the proprietor of Kazimierz World Wine Bar and Cowboy Ciao restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ. Peter has received awards for both food and wine and owns one of the largest wine collections in the United States. Together, these gentlemen formed a meaningful friendship and recognized that their individual skill sets complimented one another. Lucky for us, they co-founded Kazzit.com. They describe Kazzit as “your online wine community, connecting wineries, vineyards, restaurateurs, collectors and enthusiasts.”

Q: Babak, please tell the readers what is your every day wine and your splurge wine?

A: I’m a Oregonian so I’m biased to Pacific Northwest, anything cold climate, New World, in particular Pinot Noir as my every day wine and then my splurge wine would be a Champagne, I love Nicolas-Feuillatte Champagne.

Q: How many internet searches are done for wineries in any given period of time?

A: There hasn’t been a centralized resource to serve the consumer until Kazzit.  In a given month, there are 6 million unique internet searches, just for wineries. Add in searches for wine makers or wines and that number just explodes. Examples of internet searches could be Massachusetts wineries, Oregon wineries, romantic wineries, dog friendly wineries, cold weather wineries, wedding wineries, wineries with picnic facilities.

Q: Yes, Kazzit seems to be the only one-stop shopping resource for the consumer. It’s like a travel planner for wine lovers.

A: Imagine if I was to come to Boston, I’d use Hotels.com or Expedia.com. Kazzit provides that same concept of a centralized experience for the user.

Q: Please tell the readers about your newsletter/blog and what type of educational information the readers will find on Kazzit.com?

A:  The blog is for entertainment value and is written weekly by Peter Kasperski, my partner and co-founder. He may write about a wine he’s experienced or write about a winemaker. In 2016 we’ll launch an educational section we call Winopedia and this will showcase information about wine regions, varietals, food and wine pairings. Currently, as far as education, we are the most comprehensive resource in the world. So, it’s about finding a winery but also the user learns about the winery history, their team, awards, estate practices, the winemaker, do they use crop cover? We have, by far, the most comprehensive information. Do you want to know when this winemaker moved to California, are they organic and how do they go about it,  your readers can find all that information on Kazzit.

Q: I searched Kazzit for Sparkling wine and just under that topic alone I found sub topics from which to choose:  Asti, Cava, Champagne, Cremant, Espumante, Prezsgo, Prosecco, Sekt.   I searched Sparkling wine in United Kingdom and 27 results for wineries show up. That’s amazing! It took 5 seconds. Where does all this information come from?

A: We have a design team that manually goes out there and finds the wineries, everything you see on Kazzit has been created by our design team. There is no automation involved. We then go one step further and call each winery to make sure that the information is as accurate as possible. If you did that same search for Sparkling wine in United Kingdom, you’d have to look at each winery’s website, one by one.

Q: Kazzit.com has a section to promote local wine events. I searched Kazzit.com for Boston area and found the Lowell Food and Wine Festival happening this week 9/11 – 9/13/15.  What is the cost to an event planner/host to promote on Kazzit.com?  How is Kazzit notified of a local event?

A: The cost  to advertise an event on Kazzit.com is minimal, about $5-15 per event. Kazzit acts as a bridge connecting the winery or the event with the consumer.  We’ve  been talking to Somms, wine makers, wineries and are getting well-known throughout the wine world.

Q: Please help my readers understand the best way to use Kazzit and do consumers have to pay to join?

A: Kazzit is 100% free to consumers. The best way to use Kazzit is to just be adventurous. At Kazzit’s homepage, you can search for anything you want. At the top of page, fill in  the ” what are you  looking for” and “where” sections. You can enter Pinot, Chardonnay, wedding. You can cross search that with wedding and Massachusetts and all the wineries in Mass. that have wedding services will come up. Try entering wineries with picnic in North Dakota and all the results will show up. Just have fun! You can search by wine maker’s name or a winery label. Let’s say your traveling. Just plug in your hotel’s zip code and a radius of 50 miles and see what’s around. The wine community/consumer has never had a tool like Kazzit. One centralized resource that you can search for anything you can imagine.

Q: When I choose a winery to search, what will I see?

A: Let’s do it together. Search for Charles Smith. You can see a map shows up, there’s a video, their Facebook feed is there, I can see they don’t do picnics, they are dog friendly, they don’t have lodging, I can see the average price of a bottle of wine is $15. You see very quickly I get a story on the winemaker, how he got into wine making. He started with $8000 and a dream and now he’s been voted Winemaker of the Year.

Q: How does Kazzit stay current? How often is information updated?

A: Information is updated every day,  we add 20-40 new events and 50-60 new wineries per day.

Q: Once a winery is added, how often is that information updated?

A:  The wineries update their own information, adding say, an award, or updates about harvest.

Q: How are reviews generated?

A: Consumers can write a review on Kazzit.com about their experiences at a winery or event.

Q: I’m interested in the  Kazzit feature to search wineries outside the United States.

A: Being the most comprehensive in the world, we update these the same way. We first targeted English speaking countries. You can search wineries in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. Our team manually builds the content and verifies all the information.

Q: Has there been a winery that didn’t want to be one on Kazzit?

A: Not yet. Kazzit helps wineries, large and small, connect with consumers. Let’s say you’re a small winery, Kazzit puts you in a place where now you can have equal exposure with everybody else.

Q: That sounds like a win-win to me. With all the wineries in the world, how do you pick wineries to be on Kazzit?

A: We are not a ranking system. It’s random and we just add new ones all the time. We offer an unbiased system to match consumers with wineries.

Q: How many employees are at Kazzit? and are you hiring?

A:  Our internal team is about 6 but we have designers and developers which brings the total to about 40 employees. We are not currently hiring but we will be soon, about 2 months. We will expand our design team so that we can go from adding 50-60 wineries per day to adding 200 a day. We also invite guest bloggers/writers to contribute articles.

Q: Please tell the readers how the name Kazzit came about. I enjoy hearing the story behind the wines and your story is meaningful.

A: My partner Peter Kasperki is owner of the  restaurant here in Scottsdale, AZ. called Cowboy Ciao and Kazimierz World Wine Bar. That’s where we became friends and we wanted a name to pay tribute to where we met.Kazzit.com