My grape varietal count for the Wine Century Club is at 81 as of June 2015. Once I reach 100 grape varietals I will submit my application. Heres’s a link if you want to participate.

The wine is Muri-Gries (2013). This wine has moderate acidity, light body with pomegranate and subtle smokey notes, very short finish, it disappears immediately and no tannic sensation noted at all. It was  marketed to me as Gamay-like and I would agree but I like Gamay better. Gamay has more personality. This wine is made at Muri Abbey in Italy using 93% Schiava grape and 7% Lagrein grape. It’s a “fresh red” wine best served slightly chilled (like Gamay) and appropriate for summer.

The following information is from the monastery’s website:

Christian Werth is the oenologist and since 1988 been the monastery’s cellar master. He considers his work both his hobby and his passion.  “Each year is for me a new and important challenge,” says Christian Werth and grins. “For me as the cellar master, sipping the first drops of the new wine is the best and most exciting moment of the year. I am always fascinated to see what good and surprising things nature brings forth each time.

Walter Bernard is in charge of the monastery vineyards since 1990 been responsible for winegrowing at the monastery. Each individual growth phase in nature is carefully observed and followed, from the first buds until the grapes ripen. His challenge each day is to answer the question, “How can I provide the best conditions for vines and their environment?” His answer: “We try to grow the vines as we would bring up children: that means understanding them, seeing what they need and then making sure they get it. Our aim is to produce the best-quality grapes for the harvest.”

Here’s more on the grape varietals:

Schiava grape  is a red, German/Italian wine grape variety that was first cultivated in the wine regions of South Tyrol and Trentino, Italy. It is known under the synonyms Trollinger in Germany, Vernatsch in South Tyrol and Schiava in other Italian regions.

Lagrein is a red grape variety native to the valleys of South Tyrol, northern Italy.  It was mentioned in the 17th century, in records of the Muri Abbey. Lagrein produces wine which has high acidity and low pH, and highly tannic.  Lagrein produces wines with notes of plum, earth, that are dark and full-bodied.


photo credit: Muri