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Hello! I hope you all had a great month of May. Now that it’s June, I’m back and excited to share my experiences with you. Here’s one of the most recent.

Yoga and wine. WOW! What a great concept. This was not the typical yoga snobbery and not the often seen wine snobbery. The event lasted from 11am – 1pm. One hour of yoga followed by 1 hour of wine tasting of 3 wines, made from California grapes but vinified in Boston, Ma…. have I got your interest yet?

The yoga was manageable down dogs, planks, chair pose, triangles, twists,  boat pose, tree pose, vinyasa and savasana. Katie Gentile does an absolute wonderful class, a real no judgement zone. She walks around the room so students feel she’s there to help.


Here are links:


Katie Gentile @ Katie_Gentile ( twitter)

The winery makes many wines, here are the three we tasted:

Boston Winery’s Super Tuscan 2013:

Here’s the winery’s notes: “A very big, very young wine that is composed of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. This wine is bright and youthful enough to be drunk on its own or paired with a favorite Italian dish.”

Here is my impression: the Cabernet Sauvignon adds rich saturation and structure to the Sangiovese. Merlot contributes lushness and softness to Sangiovese’s sometimes acidic presentation. To me, this is a wine with very nice acidity, a long finish, red fruit, soft tannins and a tinge of smokiness or woodiness. Sangiovese also has nice herbal aromas and pairs well with anything with tomato sauce or mushrooms. I paired this with a mushroom pizza. This is a delicious wine. Because of the herbal notes, this wine  paired nicely with Rose infused dark chocolate from Harbor Candy Shop in Ogunquit, Me. They also sell Lavendar infused chocolates, which I suspect would pair equally as delicious. I would buy this wine again and also consider giving as a gift.

Boston Winery’s Malbec, 2011. This wine was made with grapes from California. In the United States, the majority of Malbec is planted in California, which in 2011 accounted for 84% of the Malbec plantings in the country. Boston Winery staff tell me they have recently made it with Argentinian and Chilean grapes. Soft round tannins, short to medium finish, light oak, red fruit.

Boston Winery’s Mala Femmina Central Coast and Chalk Hill, Sonoma: Here’s the winery notes: “A unique custom cuvee of two different select Chardonnays, a Viognier, and Sauvignon Blanc. This mélange presents a panorama of fruit and floral essences. The dominant zests of Granny Smith apple and Meyer lemon highlight the more discrete herbal notes of dry grass and honeysuckle.” This wine was a little boring for me. Short finish, a little flabby.

Here is another wine that I bought and tasted at  home:

Boston Blend 2013: Here’s the winery’s notes: “A cuvee of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. This wine is homage to the wines of both the Rhone and New World blends; obviously with liberties of a modern winemaker taken. The tell tale signs of Boston Winery’s smooth well-balanced style are evident. Furthermore, this wine will stand up to virtually any cuisine. Boston Blend exhibits notes of wild cherry, plum, and hints of butterscotch  with an ever so subtle woodsy finish.”

Here’s my impression: I would buy this wine again and also give as a gift. The spicy Syrah is certainly noticed, the tannins are soft, there is a minty quality to the wine, woodsy finish is light but present.  The Merlot adds more fruitiness. I didn’t get butterscotch ( too bad, I just love butterscotch!). I really enjoyed this wine and who couldn’t love the name, being from Boston after all.