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Check out http://www.mercerhouseestatewinery.com. They practice organic and all natural viticulture and they grow muscadine grapes for wine. They make paper, lip balm, all kinds of interesting stuff from the left overs. My favorite would be the grape drops or the paper. Yes, you read that correct, PAPER.

What do you do with left overs?


Here’s a synopsis from their website:

Muscadine Saba – “Cooked Wine” is an ancient process of reducing grape pomace into a wonderful, creamy smooth sauce. The all natural process requires very slow cooking over 300 hours. The grape-based sauce is used on meat, fish, pork, chicken, salad and desserts.

Grapeseed Flour – Extracted from each seed, grape seed flour contains very high levels of the anti-oxidant, Resveratrol.

Extra Virgin Grapeseed Oil – Organic grapes are cold pressed below 122 degrees, extra virgin muscadine grapeseed oil is best used for cooking and dressings as well as a daily skin care moisturizer. They never refine, bleach or deodorize grapeseed oil.

Muscadine Vinegar– Made from each of their five varietal blends.

Pudd’n Lip –  Skin care balm for lips.

Grape Drops – A sweet, hard Muscadine candy.

DiVine Vellum – (Grapevine Paper) – “From Vine to Vellum”, Mercer House Estates harvest the soft viney-wood from the seasonal pruning of the vineyard. Devine Vellum represents the sustainable and inclusive use of final “waste part” of the vine.

Muscadine Balsamic -Traditional Balsamic requires at least 12 years to mature.