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Taste buds on the tongue. Bitter is on the back of the tongue and sweet is on the front of the tongue.

When I worked as a tour guide at a winery, we had an entire booklet of information to learn about the process of making wine, beginning with the sourcing of the fruit, the pressing of fruit, fermentation, aging and all the way through to bottling. This information was presented throughout the tour as I led the group through the different rooms seeing the Bucher press in the pressing room, the tanks in the fermentation room, the barrels in the aging room and the automated bottling line.

I added my own style by sharing bits of trivia that I’ve learned, whether it was costs of barrels, winemakers’  styles, discussion of the Coravin device, food pairings, cork trees and sustainability, why rose bushes are often seen growing near grape vines, just to name a few.

My tours included one of my favorite discussions : how we taste. There are non-tasters, medium- tasters and super-tasters, just do an internet search and you’ll find all you need to know. The people on my tours enjoyed learning and I had fun watching them taste the wines in a new way. Mindful tasting, it sure elevates the experience.