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This Friday December 12th is my mother’s 80th birthday. I have a fond memory of her cooking a chicken recipe made with a mix of apricot marmalade and Lipton onion soup, the mixture covering the chicken as it baked and then served as a coulis. The taste was delicious and sweet but balanced with the protein of the chicken and the tangy flavor of the Lipton onion soup mix: sweet and savory. As a young adult (being sweet and savory myself), I remember cooking it for company or for a boyfriend and served it with potato lyonnaise. To be honest I haven’t thought of this dish in years or the boyfriend until…..Loupiac wine-Chateau Du Vieux Moulin 2008. This is a sweet white Bordeaux wine. While sipping it, I daydreamed about food pairings with this sweet wine. My daydreaming took me to the recipe noted above and a fond memory of my mother.

Below is some information on Loupiac Wine:

Loupiac is a white wine appellation of the Bordeaux region in France, the wines being made in an area on the northern bank of the Garonne River. Loupiac is in the heartland of Bordeaux’s sweet white wine production, just across the river from the prestigious Sauternes and Barsac titles.

The best of Loupiac’s wines are made from grapes grown on the slopes above the banks of the Garonne. These slopes are composed of a mixture of clay and limestone, which brings a delicate minerality to the wines.

Under Loupiac’s appellation laws, the grape varieties that may be used are Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle and Sauvignon Gris. French law dictates when the grapes can be picked and the size of the lot where the grapes can be grown.These rules are more stringent than in the Sauternes region, which also produces a famous Bordeaux sweet white wine by the same name, Sauternes.

So another surprise in the world of wine and the world of mother-daughter relationships: a new wine I’d never tried and with it came fond memories, a warmer heart and a great new pairing for me to serve to friends now many years later.